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Musegor pills for buttock enlargement are a type of synthetic pharmaceutical capsule that has recently appeared and has spread widely due to the fact that many women have stated that they have used it to increase their weight and enlarge many parts of their bodies, especially the buttocks and thighs, and their results have been great. Therefore, in this article, the reference site mentions to its readers. All the information they might want to know about Musegor pills to enlarge the buttocks and gain weight so that they can decide and make their choice about using the pills or not.

Definition of Moségur pills

Many girls take Musegor pills to gain weight, but the truth is that Musegor pills were not created to gain weight in the first place, but were originally made to treat neurological diseases, as they contain many antihistamines in their composition, but they were used for the purpose of gaining weight because they contain a large percentage of the substance Pizotifen, which stimulates the appetite. In general, Musegor pills can be defined as medicinal capsules used primarily to treat neurological diseases and migraines, and secondarily to gain weight and eliminate thinness.[1]

Musegor pills to enlarge the buttocks

Musegor pills were originally made to treat nervous diseases and migraines, but they are used by many girls to gain weight and enlarge their buttocks, chests and thighs in general. This is due to the fact that they contain a large percentage of pizotifen, which stimulates the appetite. They increase the weight of girls who take them and enlarge their buttocks by By forcing them to eat large amounts of food, Musegor pills do not eliminate the thinness of all the girls who use them or enlarge their buttocks, as weight gain is a side effect of the drug that may or may not appear on some of those who take it. Therefore, doctors and specialists advise against taking Musegor pills for the purpose of enlargement. The buttocks, as this can lead to the girl who eats it suffering from many health problems, in addition to the possibility of not gaining the extra weight that she aspires to.

Uses of Musegor pills

Musegor pills are used for four purposes:

  • Alleviating the pain of migraines.
  • Treatment of neurological diseases.
  • Improving the mental and mood abilities of elderly people under the supervision of a specialist doctor.
  • Gain weight and enlarge some body parts for girls.
  • How to use Musegor pills to enlarge the buttocks

    The doctor usually determines the dose that is supposed to be used of Musegor pills if the Musegor pills are taken for the purpose of treating a neurological disease, but in the case of taking Musegor pills for the purpose of gaining weight or enlarging the buttocks, the doctor cannot determine the dose, as the girl who is taking the pills Musegor, for this purpose, takes it at her own risk because the doctor will not agree to let her receive treatment for a disease that she does not have in the first place. That is why many girls are searching for a way to use Musegor pills to enlarge the buttocks because the doctor refuses to tell them about it, and in the following lines we mention the method of taking Musegor pills for the purpose of enlarging the buttocks, but We note that every girl who uses it for this purpose does so at her own risk:

  • Musegor pills are used to enlarge the buttocks initially in small doses, estimated at one tablet daily, preferably before bedtime.
  • After about a week, the daily dose increases to twice a day.
  • If the body does not show symptoms of response to the drug during the first three weeks of taking it, the dose can be increased to three tablets per day as long as it does not reach the maximum of 3 mg per day or 1.5 mg per dose.
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    When do Musegor pills take effect?

    In the case of using Musegor pills to treat nervous diseases and migraines, the effect of Musegor pills begins to appear immediately after they are used or within a period not exceeding a day. However, in the case of using Musigor pills to gain weight and enlarge some areas of the body, in many cases no change appears in the body of the girl who has By taking the pills, as Musegor pills do not work in the same way with all bodies, but if the effect of Musigur pills appears if it is used to gain weight, its effect will appear after four weeks or more, depending on the nature of each body and its response to the appetizing substances present in the pills.

    Musegor pills dosage

    Musegor pills should not be taken by anyone under 16 years of age, while those older than that are allowed to take 1.5 milligrams daily, once or twice, by dividing the dose in half, with half taken every 12 hours, in the event of a desire to To stop taking Musegor pills, the patient should do this by gradually reducing the daily dose over a period of two weeks, as stopping taking Musegor pills suddenly could expose the patient to severe headache attacks.[2]

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    Benefits and harms of Musegor pills

    Musegor pills have many benefits, such as improving mood, stimulating appetite, gaining weight, and treating migraines, but like any capsules made from chemicals, they also have many harmful effects and severe side effects that prompt many users not to take them. We present the benefits and harms of Musegor pills in the following lines. :

    Benefits of Musegor pills

    There are four benefits of Musegor pills:

  • Weight gain and enlargement of some parts of the bodies of women who suffer from thinness, which affects their beauty.
  • Treatment of migraine headaches.
  • Treatment of neurological and psychological diseases.
  • Improving the mood of elderly people, but it should be noted that the use of Musegor pills to improve the mood of elderly women should only be done by order of a specialist doctor and under his supervision.
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    Harmful effects of Mosigore pills

    Despite the benefits of Musegor pills, they have many harms that outweigh their benefits, to the point that their circulation has been banned in many countries in order to preserve the health of citizens, which makes many people decide not to take them. These harms are:

  • Increasing the possibility of those who take it contracting a bacterial or viral infection as a result of taking it without medical need.
  • It can lead to dehydration in people who consume it as it contains many substances that diuretic.
  • The need to drink water increases significantly due to the fact that Musegor pills contain diuretic substances.
  • Sometimes taking Musegor pills without a medical need leads to depression and tension, and also causes psychological and nervous problems and mood swings.
  • Taking Museghur pills can lead to unexpected and significant weight gain because they contain a lot of appetite-stimulating substances.
  • If Musegor pills are taken by pregnant women, this may lead to deformity of the fetus and its birth with health diseases that may accompany it throughout its life. Taking Musegor pills during pregnancy may also cause the mother many health problems.
  • Taking Musegor pills affects people’s attention to what is around them and their ability to concentrate.
  • Musegor pills cause people who take them to feel a great feeling of laziness, lethargy, and general fatigue, which causes them to sleep for long periods.
  • Taking Musegor pills can cause an increased heart rate.
  • Taking Musegor pills may cause girls and women to have severe menstrual irregularities.
  • Taking Museghur pills can cause people to develop eye problems and impair their vision.
  • Musegor pills often cause people who take them to experience nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.
  • Continuous consumption of Musegor pills leads to constipation.
  • Most people who use Musegor pills suffer from sleep disorders.
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    Side effects are rare due to taking Musegor pills

    In very rare cases, users of Musegor pills can suffer from many horrific side effects that completely destroy their lives. These effects are:

  • Permanent and sudden blindness with tingling and burning in the eyes.
  • Having visual and auditory hallucinations.
  • Skin rash similar to that caused by bee stings.
  • The wounds do not heal, no matter how long it takes, and the need to suture them, no matter how simple.
  • Children are stunted if the mother takes it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, or if the child takes it by mistake.
  • Eyes are sensitive to light and unable to look at it.
  • Contraindications for the use of Musegor pills

    It is preferable that Musegor pills should not be used except by a doctor’s order. It is also preferable that they should not be taken except for the purpose for which they were made, which is to treat neurological and psychological diseases. If a girl or woman wants to take Musigor pills to gain weight or enlarge specific parts of the body, she must know that they do that. At its own risk, as Musegor pills can cause severe harm to those who take them for non-medical reasons, and there are many contraindications that prevent anyone who has one of these contraindications from using Musegor pills, strictly forbidden. These contraindications are:

  • If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding a child, she should avoid taking Musegor pills completely, as they can cause many health problems for the mother and the child.
  • If someone who wants to take Mosigur pills suffers from glaucoma, he should refrain from taking them, as they actually harm the person’s visual ability.
  • Liver and kidney patients are strictly prohibited from using Musegor pills.
  • Heart and arterial patients are strictly prohibited from using Musegor pills.
  • Patients with muscle problems and myasthenia gravis should not take Musegor pills because they can lead to an increase in muscle weakness.
  • Diabetics should not take Musegor pills as it may cause them to suffer from a diabetic coma.
  • Anyone who suffers from an allergy to any component of Musegor pills should avoid taking it, as it may lead to a severe allergy to it.
  • People who suffer from obesity should not take Musegor pills, as they may lead to weight gain, which may cause the patient a health disaster.
  • Musegor pills should not be used by patients with intestinal obstruction.
  • Musegor tablets should not be used by anyone taking medications containing phenelizine, isocarboside, or any medications that inhibit monoamine oxides.
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    Tips for using Musegor pills

    There are many tips that those wishing to take Musegor pills must follow in order to avoid the bad side effects of the drug as much as possible. These tips are:

  • Whoever takes Musegor pills must avoid engaging in any physical or mental activity. He should not use any sharp instrument or any heavy machinery, and he should not drive a car or any vehicle, as Musegor pills affect a person’s central nervous system, which may make him vulnerable to accidents if he performs anything. An activity based on strength or concentration.
  • Anyone who wants to take Musegor pills should refrain from taking any other medications that affect the nerves, even indirectly.
  • Anyone who takes Musegor pills must strictly abstain from consuming any type of alcohol or drugs.
  • Whoever decides to take Musegor pills for the purpose of gaining weight should not stop taking them suddenly, as this could cause him symptoms similar to drug withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, taking Musegor pills must be stopped gradually over a period of two or three weeks, and it is preferable to stop. About taking Musegor pills under the supervision of a specialist doctor.
  • If someone who takes Musegor pills is taking them for the purpose of treating a neurological disease, he must take them according to the dose specified by the doctor, neither more nor less than it, so that tampering with the drug doses does not cause him health problems.
  • If the person who is taking Musegor pills feels that his body has begun to get used to the pills, which makes their effectiveness decrease, he must go to the doctor to change the doses.
  • Anyone who wants to take Musegur pills should avoid taking them in conjunction with influenza medications, epilepsy medications, muscle relaxants, cold medications, or sedatives in general, as Musigur pills actually lead to laziness and fatigue.
  • Recently, many women and girls have resorted to using Musegor pills to gain weight and enlarge their buttocks, while they do not know anything about these pills and are not aware of the danger of that. So in this article we have shown everything related to Musigor pills to enlarge the buttocks to help girls decide their own decision to use these pills or not. While they know all the benefits or harms that may result from their use.