تجربتي في عدم لبس الستيان عالم حواء


Table of Contents My experience of not wearing a bra is one of the most important experiences that every woman searches for, especially those who want to know the summary of the experience of another woman who did not wear a bra all the time. This is because some people say that wearing a bra for long periods of time causes many diseases for women. It makes her breasts small, while others say that removing the bra causes sagging in the breasts. Therefore, the reference site in this article explains one woman’s experience with wearing a bra, in addition to some matters related to bras, such as its benefits and harms, so that this article is a reference for everything related to bras.

What is satin?

Before we explain one woman’s experience of not wearing a bra, we must explain what it is. The bra is a piece of clothing that is specific to women, and its Arabic name is a bra or bra. As for the word bra, it is a distortion of the French word soutien – gorge, and the bra’s function is to raise the chest. Women and show it in an ideal way so that she can move freely. Therefore, it usually has multiple sizes that suit women’s weights and breast sizes. Below we explain the sizes of bras, which are:[1]

The appropriate breast size for him is AA, the smallest breast size, which is estimated at 7.5 cm. A small breast size is estimated at 10cm. B Small breast size is estimated at 12.5cm. C Small breast size is estimated at 15 cm. D Small breast size is estimated at 17.5cm. E Average breast size is estimated at 20 cm. F Average breast size is estimated at 22.5 cm. G is an average breast size of 25 cm. H average breast size is approximately 27.5 cm. I have a large breast size of about 30cm. J Large breast size is approximately 32.5cm. K is the largest breast size, estimated at about 35 cm. See also: How do I know the bra size using letters?

My experience with not wearing bra

Many women want to know the answer to the question of whether not wearing a bra, or as it is called in colloquial language, a bra, could affect them or harm the health of their breasts. Therefore, we present below the experience of one of the girls who had told it to Dr. Rouillon from the University of Besançon in France. As a case study on the benefits and harms of wearing bras, the girl, who was called Kaposin, said the following:[2]

  • I was wearing a bra from the time I was thirteen until I was 26, and in fact, this experience was not easy or simple.
  • Some people may think that my decision to take off my bra came in response to the calls of women’s rights associations whose idea was “Free your nipples,” demanding that I take off my bra, but this is not true. All that matters is that recently I have begun to feel worthless because they do not provide It’s almost of little benefit, plus it makes me choke a lot of times.
  • After a while of thinking, I decided to take one of the middle paths, so I reduced my wearing of a bra and began to wear it only in important places or under clothes that clearly define my breasts, and I ignored it while I was at home or if I was wearing a wide-breasted shirt that did not see what was underneath.
  • At first I felt a little stupid, but over time I began to notice that my breathing had become more regular than before, that my back pain had disappeared or almost disappeared, and that my breasts had regained their ability to rise again and that they looked more beautiful without a bra than before. And completely naturally.
  • What are the types of satin?

    Many people do not know that the satin is not considered one type, but rather it has many different types. Since the satin appeared in the early twentieth century, many different forms have appeared, as each company wanted to innovate in making the satin it produces in order to attract interest to its products. As many women as possible. Therefore, many types of satin have appeared over the past two centuries, and we explain those types as follows:[3]

    Sports Bra

    Sports bras are the types of bras that women use while performing various types of exercises. The sports bra is considered the preferred choice for any woman who exercises because it benefits her in the following:

  • A sports bra protects the breasts from inflammation that results from friction with clothing fabrics during exercise.
  • A sports bra helps prevent harassers and intruders from looking at your breasts because it completely hides its movement.
  • It gives the woman who uses it a better feeling when running or lifting weights because it stabilizes the breasts and prevents them from hitting the woman’s body or moving during her movement.
  • A sports bra is not considered annoying or painful for a woman because it does not contain any metals or wires, but rather is made of skin-friendly materials that increase blood circulation in the breasts.
  • Self Adhesive Bra

    This type of bra is literally translated into self-adhesive bras. This is because this corset is made of silicone and is then placed on the breast and adheres to it, and its shape is close to the shape of the breast. Therefore, this type of bra is used specifically at times of occasions that the woman intends to In which you wear a dress that exposes the chest area, and below we mention the correct way to wear this type of bra, which is:

  • The two pieces of the corset into which the breast will be placed are installed using the clip available to connect them.
  • The breasts are placed inside the silicone corset and then pressed until they stick together.
  • You must make sure that the bra is completely straight so that the breasts do not appear dented under the dress.
  • T-shirt Bra

    This type of bra is one of the most used types of bras by working women and girls who are still in school. Although this type of bra is not considered as comfortable as sports bras, it also has many benefits, which are:

  • These bras are suitable for wearing women’s shirts because they do not cause the chest to rise excessively.
  • These bras almost cover the abdominal area, so they look like a piece of sleeveless clothing. Therefore, they allow the wearer to wear a light shirt over them, because if they appear from underneath, their appearance will not be embarrassing, and the person who sees them will not be able to distinguish that they are a bra.
  • Multi way Bra

    This type of bra is the first type to appear and it is also the most famous and popular among women. Although there are many types that are better than this type, it is the cheapest and does most of what women need. It is true that it does not do it with the required efficiency, but at least It is suitable as an alternative solution for women who do not have the luxury of choice, which made it the easiest option for any woman.

    Strapless Bra

    A strapless bra is a very ordinary bra on the outside, but on the inside it has elastic and adhesive edges that stick to the skin and lift it up. Below we explain what distinguishes a strapless bra from a silicone bra:

  • The silicone breast corset adheres to the entire breast and cannot be worn for more than 8 hours because it may harm the health of the breast, while the strapless breast corset is a very ordinary corset. All that matters is that it adheres to the breast from the edges and nothing more.
  • The strapless breast corset is lined with cotton, which gives the woman a feeling of stability and comfort during her movement, while the silicone breast corset constricts the woman’s breath and may cause her inflammation as a result of the skin’s contact with the silicone material.
  • Why do some people think that not wearing a bra makes breasts larger?

    Many people believe that not wearing a bra will make the breasts swell in a way that harms the woman’s shape and disturbs her. In fact, this is not true. These people have based their theory on the fact that a woman not wearing a bra will make her breasts sag, which will weaken the Cooper’s ligaments that pull the breasts up and make The breasts swell, and reality confirms that this theory is completely wrong. Although the issue of whether or not bras protect the chest from sagging is still not settled, what is certain is that even if the chest becomes saggy or saggy, this will not have anything to do with increasing its size, as the size of the breast is determined by the woman’s genes and weight only. . See also: The best treatment to tighten, round and lift the breasts from the first use

    Benefits of not wearing bra

    Giving up wearing a bra, even if only partially, such as removing it for several hours a day, has many benefits, which we will explain below:

  • Improving blood circulation in the breast area.
  • Avoid infection of the breasts.
  • Help avoid breast cancer.
  • Avoid raising the temperature of the breasts.
  • Reducing back pain caused by wearing bras.
  • Harmful effects of not wearing bra

    In fact, abandoning the bra completely could have some harm to the breasts, which we will explain below:

  • The breasts are vulnerable to injuries because bras usually absorb any injury directed at the breasts because they are lined with several layers of fabric.
  • Breast muscles become saggy and saggy as a result of their constant attraction to the bottom.
  • A woman’s inability to adjust the general shape of her clothes because when all clothing makers design them, they do not take into account the presence of a woman who will wear them without wearing a bra underneath.
  • Tips to avoid the harm of wearing bras

    Wearing bras permanently can cause many harms, so in the following lines we will explain some of the warnings that women must adhere to because they limit the harms of breast bras, which are:

  • It is preferable to wear a cotton bra or use a sports bra.
  • You should completely avoid bras that contain metal wires or metal support parts.
  • The bra size should be chosen exactly in terms of tightness and width.
  • It is best to always make sure that the sling clasp is at the middle of the back and not at the top, so as not to cause back pain.
  • When buying a bra, it is preferable that it be wide-shouldered, because weak bras cause harm to the spine and back.
  • Best bra brands

    There are many types of bra brands that women can use, and below we explain the best types:

  • Carina: Carina bras are one of the best types of bras because they are made entirely of cotton, so they are comfortable for the breasts. They also completely prevent infections and do not raise their temperature.
  • Victoria’s Secret: Victoria’s Secret corsets have all types of bras that any woman might want to own. Their designs are fresh and distinct, and their support arms are strong and do not cause back pain. However, their drawback is their extremely high price compared to other types of bras.
  • Lasso: The Lasso bust corset is one of the most affordable corsets, but it is distinguished by the fact that it has only one shape. It is a corset that covers the entire breasts and has thick, strong arms for support, but it is definitely not suitable for occasions or dresses, but it suits shirts to a great extent.
  • La Vie En Rose: This bra is considered one of the well-padded cotton corsets and helps the breasts feel comfortable during movement in general. Also, the La Vie En Rose corset is one of the corsets that are made of cotton without synthetic fibers, so it is completely safe. On the skin.
  • La Senza: The La Senza bra is one of the beautiful bras. It is also well padded, pleasant to the touch on the breast, and does not cause irritation.
  • Causes of sagging breasts

    Many people believe that not wearing bras is the primary cause of sagging breasts. In fact, this is not true. Although it is not certain whether abandoning bras causes sagging or not, it is known that there are fundamental reasons that cause sagging breasts, and those reasons are :[4]

  • Aging: Aging and a decrease in collagen in the body lead to the weakening of Cooper’s ligaments, which are responsible for keeping the breasts from sagging, causing them to sag.
  • Breastfeeding: In most cases, breastfeeding causes sagging in the breast as a result of the sudden weight gain that occurs at birth, which leads to the weakening of the aforementioned Cooper’s tissues and their inability to perform their functions properly.
  • Exposure to the sun for the purpose of getting a tan: It has been proven that trying to get a tan through the sun leads to skin cancer. It has also been proven that constantly exposing the breasts to the sun causes the collagen in their tissues to break down, causing them to sag.
  • Smoking: Constant smoking of cigarettes causes the destruction of the elastin protein responsible for the elasticity of the breasts, leading to sagging.
  • See also: How long does it take for nicotine to leave the body after quitting smoking? Many women may want to give up wearing bras, even partially every day, but they fear that this will lead to sagging of their breasts. Therefore, in this article, we have explained my experience in not wearing bras so that you can Every woman who wants to give up this part of clothing must examine for herself the experience of another woman in this regard and decide for herself whether it will cause sagging in her breasts or not.