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Himalaya baby products

Mothers can finally be reassured about their children and know that they are receiving the best, gentle and natural care with the Himalaya baby care range, which is prepared with the latest scientific methods to harness the goodness of nature and provide it to their little ones so that they can enjoy a healthy life throughout their lives. In this chapter, we will learn about this group in addition to some experiments:
Himalaya baby care range includes:
– Baby Oil
– Baby Powder
– Baby Lotion
– Baby Bath lotion
– Baby Shampoo
– Baby Wipes
Experience: video
https://youtu.be/ju3VN_l-H8YHimalaya products for children

My experience with Himalaya lightening cream

My experience with Himalaya lightening cream
You have to be very careful before choosing the right products for your skin, especially when you choose a cream to lighten your skin tone. Since it may be very difficult to find lightening creams that can do this while maintaining the balance of your skin’s oils, here is our selection of the best lightening cream for oily skin provided by Himalaya, through our experience, customer evaluations, and learning about its advantages, disadvantages, and price:
A girl who has been using this product for two years said that it is a wonderful cream that leaves the skin soft and smooth, makes the skin whiter and brighter, and does not leave any residue. It makes her skin look young and fresh.
A user confirmed that this cream worked to reduce dark spots and black spots on her face. It absorbs easily into the skin when applied and moisturizes deeply, but it needs to be applied well and evenly otherwise it leaves white patches on the skin and may make it greasy.
A user indicated that this product is beneficial for oily skin. It makes the skin matte and gives it a shiny, non-greasy touch. It does not give much lightening but improves the skin texture which is good for a cream at this price.
A user mentioned that she has been using this for a recent time and it has not given her the amount of lightening she expected yet, but it is great for oily skin. It moisturizes it and does not make it more greasy and heavy, but it is definitely not recommended for dry skin.
– A user said that it helps with dark circles around the eyes, and it also gives a velvety soft texture to the skin and a bit of a moisturizing feeling, so she uses it as an alternative to moisturizer. Slightly improves skin tone with continued use.
A user commented on this cream that it is an excellent product for daily use. It contains no harmful ingredients, does not cause acne breakouts but makes the skin soft and gives you a matte appearance.
Information about the cream:
– Helps reduce impurities and dark spots.
– Helps reduce dark circles under the eyes.
– Nourishes the skin to keep it healthy.
– Moisturizes the skin without leaving it oily.
– Controls skin oils.
– This cream gives you matte skin.
– It has a refreshing and pleasant scent.
– It does not feel heavy, as it absorbs quickly. Unlike the Body Shop Vitamin C serum.
– Does not clog skin pores.
– It has a soothing effect on the skin.
– It maintains the freshness of the skin and makes it look young and energetic.
– Does not provide UV protection like some other moisturizers.
– It is not currently available on electronic selling platforms in Egypt such as Souq and Jumia. Unlike Garnier rapid lightening cream.
– Not very moisturizing for people with dry skin.

My experience with Himalaya lotion for combination skin

Himalaya lotion for combination skin is one of the company’s most famous products, as it received great response upon its release. In this paragraph, we will learn about the experiences of a group of women who demonstrate the effectiveness of this product. Follow along with us:
The experimenter says: Anyone who knows me well knows that I constantly suffer from pimples. My skin is combination and has increased oil around the nose and on the forehead, so I usually use a face wash with a formula specifically for pimple-prone skin, as these types help regulate the process of sebum secretion and reduce acne. But the problem with some of these cleansers is that they cause dryness to the skin. Because my skin’s nature accepts the product and reacts to it positively at first and then rejects it after prolonged use, I am forced to change the type of lotion from time to time. My new experience was with the Gentle Refreshing Face Wash from Himalaya Herbals, and I am almost certain. It is one of the best cleansers for oily skin on the market.
The lotion is made up of two natural substances: honey and citron, and is characterized by a very gentle granular formula that helps cleanse the skin without causing dryness (which is the most important thing for me) because I often neglect to apply moisturizing cream. Turk is a natural ingredient that acts as an astringent and helps tighten the skin, while honey moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Gentle Refreshing Face Wash from Himalaya is also soap-free, so do not expect it to foam on your face while using it. It is more like a cream that You spread it on the face, move it in circles, then rinse it.
I personally use it daily, every morning, and sometimes before bed, and I wipe my face with a little rose water afterward because it increases my feeling of freshness (you do not need to do this step). I really love how my skin feels afterwards when it’s soft and calm. I advise you to try it if you suffer from pimples like me and are looking for a new cleanser that is gentle on your skin! .

Has anyone tried Himalaya products?

All women want to look great, regardless of age. The main secret lies not only in a healthy lifestyle, but also in choosing the right cosmetics. The French company Himalaya is considered in this regard one of the best in terms of price and efficiency. In this paragraph, we will learn closely about Himalaya products through these experiences:
– A woman says: An under-eye cream that contains effective and advanced herbal ingredients from Cibacea pacifera * and Bergenia levolata * reduces the appearance of dark spots and protects the sensitive area under the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. It removes harmful elements and highly moisturizes the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Regular use helps prevent new wrinkles from forming. Visible results: Reducing the appearance of dark spots by 80% in just 4 weeks. Reducing wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes by 28% in just 4 weeks. It helps in creating a lighter, softer eye definition. Honestly, I use it intermittently. I try to use it regularly and see if it gives the same results as in the description.
– Another woman says: I used neem lotion to purify the face. This is the worst product I have ever used from Himalaya. My skin was oily all the time and pimples appeared, even though it is supposed to control oils and pimples. I left it for a period of time piously using it and the same thing was impossible. I am thinking of buying it again.
– Another woman says: A gentle daily face wash to exfoliate the skin. Frankly speaking, this wash is something amazing. It gently exfoliates and deep cleanses. With use, all the blackheads disappeared. In short, everything that promised to solve the problem disappeared. I couldn’t see it.

My experience with Himalaya products

Many women around the world are looking for experiences that talk about Himalaya products, so we have dedicated this paragraph to monitoring many experiences, which are as follows:
Experiment 1:
A woman said she used a clay mask to purify the skin. A mask rich in minerals absorbs excess oils, opens clogged pores, and gets rid of blackheads and impurities embedded deep in the skin. It tightens the skin, helps restore its natural softness, improves the structure of the skin, and helps reduce the formation of wrinkles to the maximum extent. Mineral clay (Multani Mitti) cleanses the skin deep down and is known for its soothing properties. As for walnuts, they work to get rid of impurities in the skin, blackheads, and dead cells. As for mineral clay, it stimulates blood circulation to enjoy smooth and radiant skin.
– How to use: Apply it evenly on the face and neck after cleansing, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Wipe it with a wet sponge and wash the skin with cold water. Use it once or twice a week. Do not apply it to broken or inflamed skin
Experiment 2:
The experimenter says: I used a skin-lightening facial mask. It gently lightens your skin tone, removes blemishes and gives you light, harmonious and fresh skin.
– It is a mask rich in antioxidants such as turmeric and saffron, which gives the skin a clear radiance, removes blemishes and increases its radiance. Aloe vera moisturizes the skin, while kaolin helps purify it, and walnuts help renew skin cells, giving you fresh and clear skin. Sinabuc, an effective sunscreen made from herbs, protects your skin from UV damage.
– How to use: Apply it to the skin of the face and neck after cleansing, and avoid contact with the eyes. Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes, then remove it with a wet sponge and wash the skin with cold water. Use it once or twice a week
Experiment 3:
A woman says: I used foot care cream, an effective treatment for dry and cracked heels and rough feet. It adds softness and vitality to the feet.
– An effective selection of sal tree and fenugreek herbs. Himalaya Herbals foot care cream provides effective treatment for cracked heels and inflammation. Honey and turmeric are effective in treating bacteria. Regular use keeps feet soft and vibrant.
– How to use: Wash the feet with lukewarm water, then dry them with a towel. Apply the foot care cream over the affected area twice a day and massage it gently until it is absorbed. To get the best results, use it regularly.

Has anyone tried Himalaya cream with Indian aloe vera and winter cherry?

Has anyone tried Himalaya cream with Indian aloe vera and winter cherry?
A woman says: When I was in the supermarket, I saw an offer for Himalaya moisturizer with aloe vera and winter cherry. They were two boxes together at a 50% discount, and I originally wanted to change the moisturizer I was using because it was very heavy on my facial skin, which means it might cause pimples for me through use. Note that some of the features are:
One of the things I notice in creams is their smell, and the thing I like most about this cream is its smell.
The second thing I liked about it is that it does not feel heavy on the skin and is also quick to absorb
– It also does not leave a greasy effect on the skin and does not cause shine
– I use it after I wash my face, and even though my skin is combination and in the heat, my skin oils increase. I have not noticed any unusual greasy effect on my skin during the day. It moisturizes and does not make me greasy.
The only drawback that I personally see (it may not be a problem for anyone else) is that the pump does not come with a bottle that we can put in without contaminating the product or causing bacteria to grow on it, but this is a minor drawback that I avoid because I only use it with my hands and something clean to prevent the spread of any bacteria. Or dust in the product.
Personally, I do not think that it is the most suitable product for dry skin. It is more suitable for normal and combination skin, and it is possible for oily skin as well. I don’t know if it is suitable for sensitive skin or not, but anything that has a strong smell is not suitable for sensitive skin
Indications for use of Himalaya Cream
– Treating the problem of dark spots, usually caused by skin pimples.
Himalaya cream is useful in treating the problem of melasma, which occurs originally during pregnancy.
– Addressing the problem of permanent tanning, which often results from exposure to sunlight for a long period of time.
Himalaya cream is used to treat the problem of darkening in the sensitive area of ​​the body, but with due caution.
Dosage and method of use Himalaya cream:
As for the preferred dose of cream in most cases, it depends on the strength and size of the spot, and according to the advice of the treating physician.
How to apply Himalaya cream on the skin:
– For small-sized spots: – A small amount of cream is taken, then placed on the tip of the finger, and placed on the spot gently, taking care to leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinsed with lukewarm water, in order to avoid any occurrence of redness as much as possible. Possible skin.
– For the case of completely cleaning the face: – An appropriate amount of cream is taken, and then the process of applying it to the tip of the finger and then to the face comes gently, taking care to fill the entire area of ​​the face. It is possible to increase the amount of cream in small proportions when needed, and it is necessary to avoid places Sensitive areas of the face, which are the eyes, mouth openings, and nose.
– For the case of knees or elbows: – This process is performed in the same manner mentioned above, and for the same period of time as before.
– For the condition of the armpit: – The cream is also applied in a small amount, for the same period of time, keeping in mind that applying Himalaya cream will only be during the night, because it is the appropriate time to avoid sunlight or high temperatures.
– For the condition of the hands: – The cream is applied according to the above in terms of duration and method.
Side effects of Himalaya Cream:
– Skin itching or what is sometimes called skin scratching.
– Skin inflammation occurs as a result of increasing the duration of use of the cream or applying an excessive amount of it beyond the doses specified by the specialist doctor.
– The appearance of allergies as a result of exposure to sunlight while applying the cream to the skin.
– Redness occurs in the facial area as a result of the user’s skin being sensitive to the cream itself.
Precautions or contraindications for Himalaya Cream:
– Be careful when applying Himalaya cream if there are any types of pimples, whether on the face or the area to be lightened.
It is completely prohibited to apply any cosmetics to the skin before using the cream for a period of “3” days, in order to avoid any side effects on the skin.
It is prohibited to use any types of perfumes during the treatment period with the cream, due to the presence of some allergenic substances in it.
– Make sure to wash your face well using lukewarm water before applying the cream directly to it.
– Vegetables and fruits should be eaten in abundance during the treatment period with the cream.
– Take care to avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible during the treatment period with the cream.
– A medical review must be carried out by the injured person every 10 days, with the aim of checking on the result of treatment with the cream, and whether it is possible to add another type of cream or increase the dose.
– It is prohibited to use Himalaya cream during pregnancy.
The cream can be used after 6 months of breastfeeding, in order to avoid any harm to the baby.