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The fastest way to gain weight for women

Weight gain in a week: Here are a set of effective tips that will help you gain more weight in the correct way in the fastest time and with the least effort. Follow them:
– Eat additional meals: Eat approximately every three to four hours, meaning at least five meals a day, not just three, and make sure they are small or medium-sized meals.
– Avoid drinking water before or during eating: water takes up a large amount of space in the stomach, so you should drink water or juices no more than half an hour after meals.
– Eating fenugreek to gain weight: Fenugreek is one of the foods that most helps in gaining weight, and you can drink it when you feel a loss of appetite for food. The fenugreek plant has many effects on appetite and weight gain. These effects include increasing the appetite for food and stimulating the secretion of insulin, which leads to lowering levels of fenugreek. Blood sugar, and the feeling of wanting to eat carbohydrates.
– Drinking full-fat milk and its derivatives: Milk and its derivatives are among the most important foods that help build the body’s muscles in a satisfactory manner, as they contain proteins as well as carbohydrates, fats and calcium, in addition to a good number of vitamins and mineral salts that are important for the body. Studies have shown that milk protein helps It increases weight more effectively than other proteins.
Eating soybeans: You will not imagine the impact of eating soybeans on your weight, as they help the body and provide it with huge amounts of natural protein that the body needs to increase its mass. Eat meals rich in carbohydrates and healthy fats: such as potatoes, yams, wheat with all its derivatives, and roasted nuts of all kinds.
– Introducing cheese into the diet: Cheese is one of the richest foods in calories and fat, in addition to being a very good source of protein as well. Just add a slice of cheddar or mozzarella cheese to the meal to make the meal have a high nutritional value, which also increases its calories.
– Exercising and lifting heavy weights: especially strength exercises, as they help build your muscles and also help stimulate your appetite for food.
– Eat dried fruits: such as dried apricots, dried figs, and raisins. You can eat them as rich and filling snacks between meals, especially if you are outside the home.
– Eat red meat and fish rich in oils: such as mullet and salmon, which are a rich source of proteins that the body depends on to increase muscle mass, and thus gain weight, so make your portion of them approximately 200 grams per day.

Weight gain for men

Weight gain in a week: There are many healthy methods and smart tricks that can be used to gain weight in men. Men who want to gain weight must be careful to follow the appropriate methods and not focus only on eating foods rich in unhealthy calories that lead to fat accumulation. Instead, focus on gaining more muscle mass, and among the appropriate ways and methods to achieve this goal are the following:
– Eating healthy foods: You must be careful of excess sugar and fat and be sure to eat most healthy foods that provide nutrients in addition to calories. Bran muffins, yogurt, and granola are good options.
– Eating more frequently: Experts advise men who want to gain weight to make sure to eat approximately every 3 hours. This method will ensure that the body continues to obtain calories, stimulate vital metabolic mechanisms, and limit weight loss.
– Diversifying foods: It becomes necessary to eat at least 3 different types of foods within one meal if you want to gain weight. It may also be better to eat 3 different types of food products while also eating snacks. Examples of light meals include: Yogurt with fruit, peanut butter with some crackers, and mixed nuts.
– Choose foods rich in calories: You can obtain a high amount of calories by focusing on eating fatty foods, but you must choose fatty foods that contain healthy, unsaturated types of fats. Such as vegetable oils, nuts, olives, almond butter, peanut butter, and other types of butter made from nuts.
– Drink plenty of fluids: The diet should not be filled with soda, coffee and other drinks; Because their nutritional value is low, instead, you can drink healthy juices made from fresh fruits, which contain high levels of calories, in addition to many types of beneficial vitamins and minerals, and you can prepare liquid shakes from low-fat milk, with bananas or strawberries, and peanut butter. Peanuts. You can also add some flax seeds or protein powder to these shakes as well. It may be better to drink high-calorie drinks as a kind of snack, and it should be consumed 30 minutes after a meal, not with it.
Adding calories: Adding some ingredients to dishes can increase calories, such as: Add cheese to scrambled eggs, and add powdered milk to soups and stews.
– Focus on proteins: Foods rich in proteins contribute to increasing muscle weight, and among the most popular types of these foods are: lean meat, nuts, and low-fat milk products. Experts have now recommended eating 1.5 grams of proteins for every one kilogram of body weight. This means that a person who weighs approximately 57 kilograms should eat 94 grams of proteins.
– Focus on carbohydrates: Excess amounts of carbohydrates and starches are stored inside the muscles and the body usually resorts to them to manufacture new cells, so it is necessary to eat a lot of foods rich in carbohydrates to build more muscles and benefit from proteins, and healthy carbohydrates are found in many types of foods; Such as brown rice, lentils, and sweet potatoes.
– Eating at night: The body resorts to repairing and rehabilitating cells during the night hours, so it may be better to provide the body with additional amounts of calories when sleep time approaches at night, and care must also be taken to sleep for sufficient hours to provide more time for the body to repair. itself and build additional muscle mass.
– Exercising: Exercise, especially strength training, weightlifting, or bodybuilding, can help gain weight by building muscle, and exercise may also stimulate appetite, in addition to using meditation, such as yoga.

How to gain weight quickly for girls

Weight gain in a week: Regarding how to gain weight quickly for girls, through this paragraph we will learn about the methods used to gain weight and obtain an ideal weight:
In the beginning, every girl must be careful to follow a specific diet that includes all the nutrients that the body needs, including vitamins, sugars, proteins, harmless fats, and so on.
The body must obtain the quantities that suit it without decrease or increase, so it is preferable that you consult a specialist doctor so that he can inform you of the necessary quantities that your body needs.
It is necessary to practice some types of exercise that will help increase your body mass and strengthen all the muscles spread throughout the body so that you can enjoy strength and health at the same time.
– Try to eat high-calorie foods if you suffer from extreme thinness, because these calories will help you gain weight very quickly.
It is very necessary to have a specific time for eating the main meals because organizing time is a powerful factor in gaining more weight. In addition, organizing the timing of the meals will give you a great opportunity to eat snacks between the main meals.
These snacks should include foods that lead to weight gain, such as nuts, high-calorie fruits, juices that contain a high percentage of sugars, etc.
Every girl should stay away from wrong habits that would make her lose the pleasure of eating, such as drinking a large amount of water immediately before the main meal. Because this habit will lead to the stomach filling with water, and thus the girl will not feel the need to eat.
The following foods should be eaten in excess: various foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, which are represented by potatoes, in addition to the necessity of eating foods that contain larger amounts of proteins, and the most important sources of this are: fatty fish and meat.

Weight gain of 10 kilos in a week

Weight gain in a week: There are some things that help those who want to gain weight. The gain may reach ten kilograms per week, and these tips include:
Enter the number of excess calories
– If you want to gain approximately ten kilograms per week, you must follow a healthy diet that contains many calories. It is possible to eat food such as potatoes, bread, and yams, and drink full-fat milk.
These foods contain a high percentage of calories. Eat more calories than the body needs.
It is necessary to enter a number of calories greater than what the body needs, equivalent to seven hundred to a thousand calories, in order to gain weight very quickly.
Eat large amounts of proteins
– If you want to increase your body weight by not less than ten kilograms per week, you must increase the number of protein meals and introduce them into the body. It is possible to increase from one and a half to two and two ten grams. With each increase, the number of kilowatts that you wish to increase increases the percentage of protein by more than This quantity.
– Because it is known that protein increases the body’s muscle mass, which contributes to weight gain.
There are many sources of protein. You can find it in meat, fish, eggs, fish, lentils, beans, and milk.
– Increased proportion of carbohydrates and fats
Rapid weight gain, equivalent to ten kilograms per week, can occur by introducing a number of carbohydrates and healthy fats greater than the permissible normal limit, but it must be healthy fats.
Drink drinks that contain high calories
There are many drinks that help in gaining weight, as they have high calories. Examples of these drinks include full-fat milk and juices that are made from fruits that increase the body and are prohibited for those who are overweight, such as mango and grapes.
There are also many types of fruits that help in gaining weight, such as dates, figs, mangoes, grapes, as well as salty fruits such as peaches.
– Drinking tea and coffee also helps in gaining weight.

Weight gain in a week

Some people want to gain weight quickly, either because of wearing the clothes they want or because of the comments of other people around them. Sometimes being too thin in appearance is pathological and not beautiful, so these people are pale in color as if they are sick, so they desperately want to gain more weight until their weight becomes Perfect and healthy.
Weight gain in a week
Fenugreek is considered one of the best and best natural elements that will help to gain weight in a record time. This is done by mixing one cup of water with three grams of fenugreek powder and boiling this mixture for one minute and then filtering it. Honey can be added to it to sweeten it, and it is recommended to take it three times. Several times a day. Fenugreek oil, which is sold by apothecaries, is also considered very useful for gaining weight, especially if it is eaten with jam.
– Mix castor oil with fenugreek oil in equal quantities, and apply it on the areas that want to be fattened and gain weight locally.
Coriander is considered one of the most powerful natural elements that stimulate the production of red blood cells in the body, which raises the rate of hemoglobin in the blood and thus increases weight. Therefore, ground coriander powder should be taken after eating every meal, and it can also be added to various dishes as it adds a distinctive taste. It also increases the body’s benefit from various foods.
Onions increase a person’s ability to eat different foods, as they stimulate appetite and add a delicious taste to foods that increases the amount of food a person eats and thus reflects on his weight. Eat a sufficient amount of aziz seeds with fenugreek and some types of nuts such as almonds and pistachios, making sure to drink a cup of full-fat milk with this method at a rate of four times per day throughout the month.
– Mix almonds and walnuts with honey and dates, by kneading these ingredients together into balls, and eating three of them on a daily basis. Delicious tahini plays a major role in weight gain, especially if it is eaten with full-fat yogurt on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Treatment of weight gain

Weight gain in a week: These are tips that we can guide you on to increase calories and thus gain weight:
– Eat at least 3 meals a day and do not neglect breakfast. Eat the main course first, as appetizers such as salad and soup may prevent you from eating your entire meal.
– Eat two snacks between the main meals, which may contain healthy nuts, fruits, or milk and yoghurt.
– Increase the portion size or the amount of what you eat. This may require some effort from you, such as adding another slice of cheese or a larger amount of meat or rice.
– Resort to foods rich in calories, such as avocado, peanut butter, fish, and olive oil, as they are healthy fats rich in calories. Even fruit, there are varieties that contain more calories than others. For example, mangoes and grapes contain more calories than apples.
– Do not neglect the main principles of healthy eating, such as balance and diversification, as it provides you with the necessary nutrients for the body.
You can drink a lot of fresh juices, as they are rich in calories and natural sugars, and you can add many foods to them, such as milk, honey, and nuts. As well as milk and dairy products, and you can eat full-fat products.