تجربتي مع زيت الحلبة للشعر


My experience with fenugreek oil for hair

Fenugreek oil helps treat many of its problems because it contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals in addition to antioxidants that fight the effects of free radicals and harmful factors and help maintain the health of the hair and scalp. Here are the experiences of fenugreek oil for hair.
My experience with fenugreek oil for hair
– The first experience: I tried fenugreek oil for hair, and by God, girls, from the first use, my hair became soft, and the first time I put the hair dryer on it, it went away for a moment. You can’t say it smells. By God, its smell is very light, and you put it in your hair, and it is clear that it is Aleppo, and if you wash it, the smell disappears completely, and they put ten lines on it, Glory be to God in the first place. The oil itself has no smell, except something light that does not show. As for the result, my hair is dry and wavy. It takes time to dry. From the first day I applied this oil, it became soft, soft and shiny. God willing, I applied it from night to morning, although I heard that it is best not to put oils on the hair for a long period, and this is not what you should do. However, you pray for me that God answers my prayers and has mercy on me + pray for me with what is in my signature and the King prays for you in the same way.
– The second experiment: Fenugreek oil. I found its method on the Internet in our forum and in other forums, but what I did was that I ground fenugreek and took the amount of a cup of tea and put it on the small box of Afia oil and left it for about a week without sun, and for a long time I stopped the smell from it and I started using it from the first of Shawwal in 3 times a week and sometimes twice a week. Girls, it was very terrible. It caused a lot of hair loss, but to be honest, I changed the type of birth control pill. I was using Genera and it humiliated me and caused my hair to fall out. I changed it to Yasmin. We will go back to the oil. By God, girls, it is dangerous. The first thing I noticed was that my hair was heavy and the fall out was 90 percent less. At first my hair was falling off my hands and I I’m combing and I’m feeling so anxious that I throw food at it, and girls, prepare for a surprise. My hair has grown in front of my eyes. The one that fell out is coming out, thanks to God. Yes, that’s true. I forgot to say, throughout Ramadan, I’m praying. I pray to my Lord to stop the fall out, to grow my hair, and to make the oil the reason for that. Praise be to God, my Lord answered my prayers. I mean, don’t rely on it. Oil only, no, first of all, eat God and this oil. I expect that if it does not benefit you, God willing, it will not harm you.

My experience with drinking fenugreek for hair

Some studies have indicated that fenugreek contains a number of substances that help solve many hair problems. Fenugreek helps in hair growth and lengthening and gets rid of hair loss and baldness problems. Among the experiences of drinking fenugreek are the following.
My experience with drinking fenugreek for hair
– First experience: I saw a lot of girls praising fenugreek for its beauty and whiteness. I said, let me try it and see, and I started drinking it from 10/25/1432 until the date of writing this topic!! In the morning, I used to boil water in the kettle and put in a cup two teaspoons of ground fenugreek + a teaspoon of sugar. After the water boiled, I poured it over the fenugreek and stirred it with a spoon, then covered it and left it, and then I would go and clean the house. After about half an hour, I would come back and stir it again, cover it, and repeat this movement as often as I remembered. It is not necessary. Every half hour, an armor comes!! I hope you understood that butter is the largest amount of benefit that comes out of the fenugreek. On the back, I drink it and leave the scum. Only water. The result that the girls really believed in is whiteness. My face before was like the face of a pregnant woman, but after 40 days of starting to drink it, it lightened noticeably, and as for my body, it became two shades whiter than before. !
– The second experience: In the beginning, my sister told me about fenugreek that it has a beautiful color and purity. Then I switched it from mixtures to glasses through the stomach. I bought fenugreek for a whole week in the form of milk, and you can leave it in the form of alcohol. There is no problem. The important thing is that during this experiment I was cutting off coffee and tea, which is the first reason for dark skin and dull skin. Fingers and the first and strongest cause of dryness in the body, legs and palms.
– The third experience: One day, while I was browsing on Google, I wanted the benefits of something, and I wrote the benefits. As usual, Google got ahead of the events and wrote to me the benefits of the ring. I said to myself, why not enter it, and I found that it had great benefits for skin, hair, protection from diseases, and other very useful things. When I read the experiences of some girls I found that it was fattening, and the girls were very happy when explaining their condition. I said why not try it, and in fact I was drinking a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening, and for five days it exploded like a balloon, especially since I was anticipating the events and putting 3 spoons in one cup, which equals 6 spoons a day in five days – 30 spoons – Results Skin that is clear as glass, praise be to God + strong hair without falling out and soft + strong and good braids + excessive obesity hahaha. This is my experience for those who wanted to benefit from fenugreek and the smell was in their way. They must pay attention to personal hygiene and will not notice the smell.

My experience with fenugreek hair mask

Fenugreek contains many benefits related to hair, because it contains lecithin and other beneficial substances for hair. Therefore, in this paragraph, you will learn about some proven fenugreek masks for hair.
My experience with fenugreek hair mask
– The first method: Fenugreek and olive oil – Soak the fenugreek in water overnight until the seeds become soft, then filter them and grind them well until they resemble dough. We put two tablespoons of olive oil on it and mix them well. – Put this mixture on the hair for a third of an hour. Rinse the hair well with lukewarm water and shampoo. – Repeat this process twice a week to obtain satisfactory results. Fenugreek and lavender oil – Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight, then filter them and grind them. Add two tablespoons of lavender oil and a tablespoon of rosemary to them, and mix them well until combined. – Apply this recipe on the hair for an hour, covering the hair with a plastic bag. – Rinse the hair well with water and designated shampoo. – Repeat this process twice a week to get better results.
– The second method: I will share with you the method of germinating fenugreek seeds at home to obtain the germinated fenugreek to use in a fenugreek hair mask. As for my experience with fenugreek hair culture, I used the fenugreek culture mixture and continued with it, and the result was as follows: It was one of the most important experiments I did, but not the best. The result is very positive. The fenugreek hair mask works to treat hair loss effectively and also helps to thicken thinning hair. But you will not notice the result until after a long period of use and not from the first use.
– The third method: To reduce the problem of hair loss, eat a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds: soak the fenugreek seeds with two cups of water for a day, then filter the seeds from the water and grind them with an electric blender until the dough is formed. Massage the hair with the previous mixture from the roots to the ends. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave it. For half an hour, wash the hair well after the end of the period with water and shampoo. Fenugreek to lengthen hair. From an experiment, mix half a cup of ground fenugreek with a little coconut oil. Mix the mixture well until the appropriate mixture is obtained. Place the mixture on the hair for two hours. It is useful for obtaining long and soft hair.

My experience with fenugreek hair spray

My experience with fenugreek hair spray, to get rid of problems that may affect the hair. Here are a number of experiences for people who suffer from some hair problems and their opinions on fenugreek hair spray. Follow us.
My experience with fenugreek hair spray
– The first experience: Regarding my experience with fenugreek water for hair, I searched for ways to prepare it and found many of them. But an easy-to-prepare recipe caught my attention. All you need is fenugreek seeds and water, so I chose to use it in my experiment. The method for preparing fenugreek water for hair in my experience is as follows: Place the fenugreek seeds in a glass bowl and pour the water. Leave the seeds to soak overnight. Transfer the seeds to a bowl the next morning and add another half cup of water. Leave them to boil until the water absorbs the fenugreek extract properly. Let the boiled fenugreek water cool and filter the mixture. Put the obtained fenugreek water in a sprayer to use on the hair. As for the result of my experiment with boiled fenugreek water to lengthen hair, it is as follows: Well, the result is very positive. Indeed, fenugreek water can lengthen your hair, but the result takes a lot of time. You will not notice the difference after the first use or even the first month, but you must continue it for a period of more than 3 months. Fenugreek water is also very beneficial for hair loss and can therefore increase the thickness of your hair.
– The second experience: I would like to share with you my experience with fenugreek to lengthen hair. I was suffering from very short hair and it only grew very slowly after using many treatments and recipes. One of my friends advised me to try fenugreek to lengthen hair and she told me about its many benefits for hair. I actually tried this recipe by soaking it. 3 tablespoons of fenugreek in water for an entire night, then I filtered the fenugreek from the water and ground it until it became a soft paste. I put it on my hair for half an hour and then rinsed it with shampoo designed for my hair. This mixture, in addition to its importance for lengthening my hair, also treated the problem of dryness in it. This experiment is from My best experiences.
– The third experiment: I used a mixture for hair, of course, especially hair damaged by blow-drying and dyeing. You take a whole container of yogurt and mix with it two tablespoons of ground fenugreek and put it on your hair for two hours. During this period, you cover your hair with a nylon bag for wrapping it. Then you wash your hair, and the first time you wash it, you will notice that it is soft. It is all vital and you should continue with it until your hair returns to its original state and is even better. By God, the fenugreek is amazing for the hair. I even put it in the oil to lubricate my hair, and I have never washed my hair after I oiled it and consulted it, but my hair is soft and moisturized and its appearance does not change, and I will tell you.

Benefits of fenugreek and cumin for hair

Many women eat some herbs rich in nutrients, and the most important of these herbs are fenugreek and cumin. These two ingredients are considered ideal for solving hair problems, and in this paragraph we will introduce you to the benefits of fenugreek and cumin for hair.
Benefits of fenugreek and cumin for hair
Fenugreek is one of the best natural remedies that have a strong effect on hair. It has been used since ancient times to strengthen hair and hair follicles. It also treats hair loss very effectively, as it contains a high percentage of proteins and nicotinic acid, which help in the regrowth of hair roots.
– Treats dry scalp and the itching associated with it. Fenugreek seed paste with egg yolk is considered the ideal treatment for dry scalp, as it relieves the itching caused by it. Mix the cooked fenugreek seeds with the egg yolk to obtain a paste. Leave it on your head for half an hour and wash it with shampoo. It gives the hair a wonderful shine. Put the fenugreek seeds in a cup of water at night, and drink it in the morning after getting rid of the seeds to get amazing results.
– Treating frizzy and dry hair and helping to soften hair. It is important to use fenugreek for hair growth, as it contains essential minerals, including iron, which contributes to hair growth. Ground fenugreek is very wonderful for freshness, moisturizing and maintaining hair vitality. Ground fenugreek helps get rid of hair split ends and protects it from falling out. Ground fenugreek is used to treat dandruff that appears on the scalp with high efficiency.
As for cumin, it has many benefits in preventing hair loss, by mixing black cumin oil with olive oil and applying the mixture to the areas that contain gaps in the hair, after showering. This method works to grow new hair and prevent hair loss again.
– Lengthening the hair, as cumin helps to lengthen the hair and gives it softness and shine. Black cumin can be used in this case by mixing cumin water with egg yolk and virgin olive oil, then massaging the hair with this mixture and washing it after an hour of time. To obtain the best result, repeat it. Recipe once a week.

Harmful effects of fenugreek on hair

Harmful effects of fenugreek on hair
In general, there is no harm in eating fenugreek or spraying it on the hair, but eating it has some harmful side effects, which are:
For some individuals, the use of fenugreek may leave a number of undesirable side effects, such as diarrhea, stomach disorders, dizziness, and headaches, in addition to its apparent odor in urine, sweat, or breast milk.
On the other hand, it may leave an allergic effect on some people, and individuals who suffer from health problems are usually advised to consult a doctor before consuming it to avoid any effects or harm it may leave. The same applies to those who consume some herbal compounds that are used for therapeutic purposes, which may interact with them to become unsafe. In this case.
– Allergies: Eating fenugreek may cause allergic reactions to some people, as it is somewhat similar to peanuts and chickpeas in that, as we mentioned in the introduction, they are considered legumes, and you will find some people may show these symptoms after eating them:
It has harmful effects on pregnant women, as eating it or drinking its decoction may lead to miscarriage. It prevents blood absorption, so it is prohibited for patients with anemia. It causes blood thinning.
– It works to change the balance of multiple forms of thyroid hormones, so those who suffer from thyroid problems are prohibited from eating it or drinking its decoction unless consulting a doctor. It may cause nausea, stomach and intestinal upset.