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My experience with drinking onion juice

Onions are a popular clinic for treating the poor, as they are considered a major source of vitamin C and B, in addition to many vitamins, proteins, and dietary fibers that give the body many benefits. We will mention in this paragraph some people’s experiences with onion juice, follow them with us.
My experience with drinking onion juice
– First experience: One of the women said that she was suffering from infections on the scalp as a result of the accumulation of dandruff, bacteria and germs on the hair, but with the use of onion oil and continuing to use it, it helped her to treat the scalp naturally and in a safer way, as it helps get rid of the bacteria that the scalp contains. Head, germs and other harmful substances on the hair, which cause hair follicles to weaken and thus help with hair loss. She had tried many other products and ready-made materials but did not notice a significant difference as she had noticed with effective onion oil.
– The second experience: From my experience with onion juice for hair, onion juice is considered one of the natural ingredients that has an effective effect on the hair and scalp, as it contains substances that help kill bacteria and germs that accumulate on the scalp and thus purify the scalp, which helps to strengthen the hair follicles. It contains a natural moisturizer for the hair, which makes it not exposed to frizz and the hair becomes softer and has a natural shine.
– The third experience: Red onion drink, i.e. onion peels. I was not informed of the news. I went to the supermarket and got onion peels in bulk. I started drinking this while eating less, of course. It was two days ago. The surprise was that my chest started talking. I mean, I heard my own voice coming out of my country’s wedding dress. And thank God, I don’t have allergies, but because my husband A doctor told me that this matter did not occur to me until after drinking onion peels, and perhaps the volatile oils he bought were the cause. Of course, he immediately gave me medicine for allergies, and because I could not hear the words, or in other words, I would die, lettuce. For two weeks and every day, I hear the sound of my chest, but I don’t want to tell my husband because he won’t let me eat it, but one day after I drank onion peels, I ate chocolate, and my whole body was red, and my chest kept beating. My husband asked me, “Did you stop peeling the onions?” I told him no, and he answered that it was clear that the onion peels hit me with a device. Immunity because I have never had any chest allergies or allergies to chocolate or mangos.

Onion juice experiments for weight loss

Onion diet for weight loss and getting rid of excess obesity. Onions also contain a very high percentage of the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs. It also works to rid the body of toxins and is also used to treat many aesthetic problems. From juice experiences Onions for weight loss include:
– The first experience: What made me excited about it is my friend who said that her brother used this mixture for a month and a half and lost 17 kilograms, of course, with a diet, meaning he eats their normal food with a reduction, and he does not always do exercise, but he regularly drinks this mixture before every meal. The mixture is a strange Chinese recipe for weight loss, and most importantly, it is It treats cellulite and continuing with it will cause you to lose 10 kilograms per month. The recipe is: Ingredients: 2 cups of water Red onion peel Method: Peel the red onion, collect a large amount of it, break it and clean it well, then take a tablespoon and a half of it after breaking it, and wash only the tablespoon and a half with water well. Then boil it with as much water as tea and drink it before eating three times a day, just five minutes before each meal.
– The second experience: Many women do not dare to repeat my experience with the onion diet to lose weight quickly. The taste and smell of this type of vegetable may not encourage this. But I learned a lot of important information about it, which indicates that it can be relied upon for weight loss and getting rid of fat that accumulates in areas of the body such as the abdomen and buttocks. That is why I decided to learn how to start my experiment with the onion diet to lose weight quickly. While following my experiment with the onion diet, I learned to prepare a drink or juice from these vegetables. Because it is effective in the slimming and weight loss process, I decided to share the method with everyone. – Wash the onions without peeling them. – It is cut and placed in a bowl with a sufficient amount of water. – Add a little washed green thyme. – Place the mixture on medium heat and when it boils, leave it on low heat for 10 minutes. – After that, remove the mixture from the heat, filter the water, and leave it to cool. By following these steps, I benefited from this drink by drinking a cup of it before meals while following the onion diet for quick weight loss, and after that for a month.
– The third experiment: You have tried many methods and recipes, and this is the 34,562nd time you are trying to lose weight and there is no result. So, what do you think about trying this recipe? The recipe (onion diet). By the way, the recipe is easy and will not cost you much because onions are one of your indispensable kitchen supplies, in addition to All onions (vitamins, fibres, minerals, phosphorus, proteins, etc.) are among the general benefits of the body. Onions contain a high percentage of water, which helps you on a healthy diet and get rid of accumulated fat. In addition, onions are natural and do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to your health. Take an amount of Peel the onions and wash them well, add two cups of boiling water to the onion peels, and a little dry thyme, and leave them for 5 minutes until they cool. Filter the drink, and drink a cup of it before each meal. You can increase the burning rate by adding a little honey or cumin. To the drink.

How to use onions for weight loss

Soak onion peels in two cups of boiling water and leave for five to ten minutes. The water is then filtered, and drink a little of it daily, before eating the three main meals. This juice breaks down fats and combats hunger and the desire to eat during the period between meals.
It is possible to add a little honey or cumin to increase the effect of onion juice in burning fat. Note that continuing to drink onion peel juice daily will result in weight loss. It is preferable that the application of this recipe be accompanied by the adoption of a healthy diet free of harmful fats, fried foods, and ready-made and processed foods that are rich in salt and sugar. For more benefits, it is recommended to use red onion peel, as it is more effective compared to other types of onions in burning fats, breaking them down, and preventing their accumulation again.
Onions can be eaten fresh: Eating fresh onions is the best way to obtain the full nutritional value of onions, and thus lose weight more effectively. Addition (Onions with Pomegranate): It is a delicious dish that can be eaten by vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and it is also an easy dish to prepare.
– Onion soup: All soup dishes are considered effective dishes for weight loss, as they all provide the necessary nutrients for the body, and they can be eaten at all times. Onion soup, olive oil with garlic and some vegetables such as tomatoes and cabbage can be an effective soup for weight loss.
Another way to use onions is to wash the onions well, cut them, and soak them in a little warm water. Drink a cup of the resulting water three times a day before each meal. Wash the onions well, peel them, and prepare a juice. Drink a tablespoon of it daily on an empty stomach. Onion peel is used by soaking it in boiling water and adding a little cinnamon, thyme, cumin, lemon, and honey, and drinking a cup of the resulting water after each meal to increase the rate at which the body burns fat. Wash the onions well and place them in a pot on the fire with a little thyme until boiling. Add honey to the drink and drink it before meals daily to increase the rate of fat burning and get rid of excess weight.

My experience with onions for the skin

Through my experience, I discovered that onions have many benefits for the skin. Onions help eliminate some sensitive skin problems, because they help eliminate skin oxidation and give them a feeling of freshness. They also have the following advantages: Onions help reduce dark circles and some spots that may appear on the skin. Skin. Onions can help skin look youthful. Remove bacteria from sensitive skin. Onions help increase skin softness. Onions refresh the skin. Adds radiance to the skin. Helps get rid of acne scars. It treats facial scars. You have to prepare onion juice, flour, and milk and mix them, then wash your face with water and put the previous mixture on your face, or you can put it on your neck, then leave it for 20 minutes or an hour, then put a cotton ball in the milk and wipe your face to remove the mixture, then repeat this recipe. Twice a week for best results.
As one of the girls mentioned her experience with onions for the skin, she said, “I tried a wonderful, even amazing, recipe to get rid of the effects of scars, acne, or scratches. This recipe that I tried works to remove them permanently, and the recipe is easy. I took an onion and cut off the head where it grew. You will find a liquid substance.” It is white in color and resembles milk, a very small amount.”
One of the women narrated her experience with onions for the skin. She said, “Regarding the onion experience, it has many benefits for the skin, but its problem is the smell, but I was able to get rid of it. After I use onion water, I wash my face, then wipe it with a potato slice or a lemon slice, and then I wash my face.” I moisturize it with rose water, and onion water gives great results for the skin.” Another recounted her experience with onions for the skin, “I saw an Iranian woman in a salon, and frankly, her skin was amazing, and she attracted attention. I dared to ask her, and she told me the answer I did not expect, which was that she cuts the onion in half every night and rubs it on her face. She said that her sister makes natural masks at home and sells them, but she saw The best method that gave results was onions.”

My experience with onions to lengthen hair

My experience with onions to lengthen hair
A woman talks about her experience with onions to lengthen hair. She was suffering from severe hair loss and her hair appeared dull, unhealthy and not shiny. She used many commercial products in addition to taking some vitamins prescribed by the doctor, but the hair condition remained the same. After a long struggle, the woman came up with the onion experience, especially since many people have confirmed its great effectiveness in improving the condition of the hair. So she started massaging the hair with onion juice twice a week, and after washing the hair, she applied a mixture of natural oils consisting of castor oil, sesame oil, and almond oil. She confirmed that after a period of time following this routine, the condition of the hair improved, it stopped falling out, and the hair even began to grow in an unprecedented way.
– A woman says in one of the forums, I suffered from hair loss for 3 years for no reason, and I tried onion juice for two weeks by putting the onions after peeling them in the juicer until they become juice, then I put it on my hair for two hours, and washed it with shampoo, and I felt a big difference in the softness of the hair. And its length.”
Another woman said, “After my experience was successful in growing hair, especially in the hair follicles, I would like to share with you my method for using onions for hair throughout the duration of the experiment. For this, you need: A little onion, castor oil. Method: First, put the onion in the blender. After that, extract the onion water or Onion juice from the mixture. Add a little castor oil to it. Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair from roots to ends. Cover the head and leave it for 2 hours, then wash your hair with shampoo. Follow the recipe 3 times a week or at least twice.
Another woman said about her experience: Onion juice helped me grow hair in the areas where there were gaps, which made me feel embarrassed to have them in the front of the head. I continued using onion juice for a whole week until I got an amazing result, but I did not get a result as good as I was hoping that no hair would appear in the gaps in my hair. I just noticed that my hair loss has decreased significantly, and of course I used more onion juice for my hair until I got an excellent result. I continued using onion juice for two full months, and indeed my experience with onion juice was successful, as hair appeared inside the gaps and the loss that I was suffering from completely stopped. than before.

My experience with onion juice for white hair

– The first experience: My experience in eliminating gray hair permanently. One of the participants on one of the sites mentioned his own experience in eliminating gray hair, as he mentioned that he noticed the appearance of white hair in his twenties, which caused him surprise and annoyance, and prompted him to go to the doctor. The doctor had prescribed some nutritional supplements that would contribute to eliminating gray hair, and indeed I had been able to reduce the appearance of white hair. 1- Onion juice is used to paint the scalp. 2- The scalp is massaged well for about 30 minutes. 3 minutes- The juice is left on the hair for about 60 minutes. 4- The hair is then washed and cleaned.
– Second experiment: Onions can help treat your hair from graying. Onions are rich in antioxidant enzymes, which restore the natural color of hair. In addition, the phytonutrients contained in onions, as well as vitamin C, folic acid and copper, also help in treating gray hair. Second method: You can also mix the onion juice you obtained with equal amounts of coconut oil. If the smell of onions is too strong for you, mix onion juice with 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and apply it to your hair. Third method: Onion juice mixed with lemon juice: a natural remedy that has been used for centuries to treat gray hair.
– The third experience: I searched for the correct way to use onion juice for white hair, and I continued with the recipe for a period of no less than about a month, but to no avail. I am honest with you. Onion juice did not give me any significant results in terms of treating white hair, as it remains as it is. It has not changed its color, not even a little, so I can say that my experiment with onion juice for white hair was a failure. However, it is a very useful experiment because it is true that onion juice does not treat white hair, but it is an frankly effective ingredient for treating hair loss, as after I used onion juice I noticed that it stopped hair loss and increased hair density significantly and clearly. Therefore, I do not believe that onion juice can cure white hair, as a result of my own experience, but it is very beneficial for hair loss. Therefore, if you suffer from mild hair loss, I advise you to use onion water as a natural treatment to stop the loss and regrow hair in the areas.